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Increase productivity in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction with comprehensive AR tools for visualization collaboration, and quality control.

About the Lab

A company with a strong focus on emerging technology, SHIELD started to explore the potential of Augmented Reality back in 2015. We think that the technology is the next step in the evolution of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction, as well as other industries.

This change is challenging, but SHIELD is ready to contribute. As a result, our R&D efforts have called for the creation of a separate AR development studio.

Having extensive experience in building enterprise solutions, some of Shield’s best engineers, designers, and analysts are now bringing AR to the biggest industries.

Now, discover the first technology by SHIELD TECHNOLOGIES AR Lab — KADO for Construction.

Kado Technology Framework

Use the paired power of KADO technology and Microsoft HoloLens in your construction process to decrease reworks by 70%, improve collaboration on all levels, and build better structures faster.

All Your Business Needs — One Integrated Framework

BIM Model Stabilization

On-site, Cloud, Hybrid

BIM Model Retrieval and Alignment

Industry File Format Support

Integrates with Industry Software

KADO Components Overview

Use HoloLens, mobile devices, and web interfaces for AR collaboration in a shared view of a BIM model — on-site and from anywhere in the world. KADO ensures a comfortable experience by synchronizing gestures, gazes, and actions performed while using AR-enabled devices.

Store models in shared space that is available for everyone within organization and seamlessly integrated with popular construction software. KADO integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Box, and Citrix Sharefile

The technology supports all file formats that are common to the construction industry: 3DS, DWF, DWG, FBX, NWC, NWD, RVT, and many other.

KADO technology is built to scale — in the cloud, as a part of your infrastructure, or both.

KADO streamlines AR app adoption with clear, concise, and quick onboarding. We have tested the onboarding informational slider with construction industry experts, so that the least tech-savvy professionals can learn how to use an app in under 10 minutes.

Use HoloLens, mobile devices, and web interfaces for AR collaboration in a shared Accurate positioning of virtual objects to real world objects is one of biggest challenges in Augmented Reality. KADO uses vast amounts of data and advanced algorithms to deliver precise model stabilization.

The KADO framework includes a streamlined mobile app platform with a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to create an AR app quickly.

Use AR apps and HoloLens to make precise and convenient measurements, compare sizes, and make quicker validations.e by synchronizing gestures, gazes, and actions performed while using AR-enabled devices.

KADO will help you retrieve and align a BIM model of a site, so you can then ovelay it over the real world environment and work in AR. KADO employs computer vision algorithms to allow for manual alignment of a model to any real world space.

KADO allows for seamless integration with widely used construction software — Procore, Viewpoint, Sage, PlanGrid, Trimble Connect, and other.

KADO can automatically extract the smallest features of your model, allowing you to view them with HoloLens or an AR app.

KADO integrates with high-precision GNSS devices you use in your construction process.

Rid your construction process of reworks with KADO technology.

A Better Tool for Owners, Architects, BIM engineers, and On-site Workers

Use Case: Increasing productivity for MEP Layout

KADO framework features:

Use Case: Interior Design review

KADO framework features:

Use Case: Remote video collaboration around BIM models

KADO framework features:

Use Case: Jobsite Design Coordination and Changes

KADO framework features:

Why KADO Framework


Easy to integrate


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